Zyrtec, a commonly used antihistamine for relieving allergies, motion sickness, and mild insomnia, is available over-the-counter in several countries. However, in Japan, Zyrtec is classified as a prescription medication, and travelling with more than a month’s supply could lead to travel restrictions.

For travellers looking to carry Zyrtec into Japan, this guide could be beneficial:

How much Zyrtec can I carry to Japan?

Individuals travelling to Japan can bring up to a month’s supply of Zyrtec for personal use without needing to show a letter from a doctor. However, it is advised to ensure that the medication is packed in its original packaging to prevent an issue.

However, if you plan to travel with more than a month’s supply, you will be required to present a letter from a doctor. Fortunately, you can easily obtain such letters using DocHQ’s Travel Medicine Certificate.

DocHQ’s Travel Medicine Checker is a free tool that enables travellers to check if their medication is restricted in their destination country. If the tool confirms restrictions, travellers can order a GP-signed letter detailing their prescription, required quantity, and itinerary. The letter is usually ready in 48 hours, ensuring you make it for your trip

It’s essential to comply with these regulations, as failure to do so may result in the confiscation of your medication or more severe penalties. A notable case is that of Carrie Russell, who was detained in Japan for 18 days for shipping her ADHD medication without  the correct paperwork. 

How DocHQ Travel Medicine Checker works 

Step 1: Input your travel details

Step 1 on how to use DocHQ Travel Medicine certificate

Input your travel details

  • Input essential travel details, including your departure location, destination country, and the active ingredients in your medication.

Step 2:  Find out if your medication is restricted

  • Find out instantly if your medicines are restricted or if you’re safe to travel without documents

Step 3: Purchase Travel Medicine Certificate

Step 3 on how to use DocHQ Travel Medicine certificate

  • Need GP-verified documents? Buy a Travel Medicine Certificate, which includes additional guidance for safe travel with your medicine

Don’t let travel restrictions catch you off guard; use DocHQ’s Travel Medicine Checker to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey with your necessary medications.