• DocHQ Physio, Fitness and Health Checks now featured on Zest Marketplace for employers to offer their staff as health and wellbeing benefits.

29 February 2024, London TRUSTED health and wellbeing partner DocHQ announces its latest partnership with employee benefits platform Zest.

This partnership showcases DocHQ’s Physio, Fitness and Health Checks services as an employee benefit on Zest’s online Marketplace, where employers can find a bespoke set of wide-ranging benefits for their workforce. 

As a leading UK employee benefits provider, DocHQ integrates advanced technology with medical expertise to offer comprehensive health and wellbeing solutions. Its remote physiotherapy and bespoke health testing services address the root causes of employee health concerns, resulting in higher engagement, reduced absenteeism and improved productivity.

DocHQ Physio supports employees when they are in discomfort or pain with instant access to its team of Chartered Physiotherapists. The 100% remote service offers virtual physio consultations and AI-guided treatment plans delivered online, removing time and cost barriers posed by traditional physio. Advanced movement-tracking technology offers real-time corrective feedback to the user and enables physios to monitor progress and update treatment plans remotely – for faster recovery and return to work. 

DocHQ Health Checks offers annual health screening and bespoke employee health testing programmes supported by UKAS-accredited UK laboratories. Its pain-free at-home test kits ensure convenience and ease of use, with medically-verified results reports and GP advice delivered online. DocHQ Health Checks cover all aspects of wellbeing, from male and female hormone health, menopause, bowel and prostate cancers, diabetes, heart health and more.

DocHQ Fitness uses the same cutting-edge AI technology as DocHQ Physio, providing custom workout programmes designed to elevate employee physical and mental wellbeing from home, office or while travelling. AI-driven bespoke fitness plans, virtual coaching and progress tracking serve as a workplace injury prevention measure, a kick-start to getting employees active, and a tool for maintaining good health following physio rehabilitation.

The partnership with Zest furthers DocHQ’s aim to provide comprehensive end-to-end health solutions that prioritise the wellbeing of both individuals and organisations. 

Madhur Srivastava, CEO of DocHQ, says: “In an innovative and forward-thinking partnership, DocHQ and Zest have aligned to provide organisations with the tools required to provide transformative benefits to their people. As a collaborative team, we’re working together to give employees access to bespoke wellbeing and healthcare solutions to empower them to be more active, knowledgeable, stronger, fitter, injury-free and empowered to take control of their health.”

In alignment with DocHQ’s vision, Zest aims to revolutionise employee engagement by personalising benefits packages to meet the unique needs of each individual, making employees feel valued and motivated. Zest streamlines employee benefits management for businesses of all sizes, offering real-time updates and automated processes. The platform integrates seamlessly with companies’ existing HR, payroll and benefits systems, saving time and reducing administration. 

Ross Cheeseborough, Marketplace Manager at Zest, says: “Zest is delighted to have DocHQ as a featured partner on our Marketplace. To be able to offer such an innovative and diverse solution to our client portfolio is really exciting.”


For more information, please contact:

DocHQ commercial enquiries:
Joe Stewart
Sales Development Representative, DocHQ
Tel: 033 00 880645

DocHQ media enquiries:
Melanie Rutherford
Marketing Manager, DocHQ
Tel: 07791 750301

Notes to Editors

About DocHQ

DocHQ is your wellbeing partner. As a UK employee benefits provider, our vision is to enable people to make informed health choices and inspire them to improve their quality of life. We are a specialist medical technology provider aimed at enhancing employee wellbeing at work and home – connecting businesses, providers and consumers through technology.

From employee health and wellness programs to physical wellness in the workplace and at home, DocHQ combines medical expertise and technology to offer wellbeing services and solutions in a post-pandemic world. Through developing a network of private clinics and providers across Europe, we deliver a range of employee benefits including Physiotherapy, bespoke and annual Health Checks, Fitness and Travel Health.

About Zest

Zest is championing a new era of employee engagement that goes beyond benefits administration and breaks away from the one-size-fits-all approach. By using personalisation and customisation, companies can offer benefits packages that cater to the unique needs and preferences of each employee.

Through its innovative platform, Zest is building a future where employees are at the heart of every decision, and organisations understand that employee engagement is an ongoing activity. Zest wants to empower organisations of all sizes and industries to create a workplace culture where employees feel valued, supported and motivated.