Most at-home health tests, including DocHQ’s, use a simple finger prick device for collecting the blood sample. This pierces the skin quickly so that drops of blood can be squeezed out and deposited in the collection tube.

Some people do experience mild pain using this process if a nerve is pricked at the end of the finger. It can also result in contamination of the sample – for example if the user has HRT cream on their finger – as well as increasing the chance of haemolysis (when the blood sample becomes clotted or unusable for testing).

DocHQ therefore also offers an innovative TAP II blood collection device. This device takes the sample from the upper arm and is completely painless. It also significantly reduces the chance of contamination and haemolysis. 

TAP stands for Touch Activated Phlebotomy, and the device features innovative bladeless technology designed to reduce both pain for the user and contamination of the sample.

The benefits of using Tap II include:

  • Bladeless device

  • Microneedle technology thinner than an eyelash

  • Painless when compared to fingerprick test

  • Device is positioned on the upper arm

  • Minimal discomfort

  • Simple to use – just press the plunger

  • Vacuum system gentle draws blood and deposits it directly into collection tube

  • Reduces risk of haemolysis

  • Lowers risk of contamination

  • Low cost

  • 24-month shelf life