Businesses want to ensure that their team is engaged in their work, feeling satisfied, and performing at their personal best, whilst building their dream team. For those team members who seem to be lagging behind, what can a concerned manager do to help improve employee performance and workplace wellness?

1. Clarify the exact problem to the employee so they clearly understand the area requiring improvement

If you don’t have open conversation, then there is no way to expect anyone to know what the issue is, and everyone is working in the dark with no hope for change.

2. Listen to any critiques or suggestions that the employee may have, by inviting feedback

Invite open feedback and listen to itThere is no point in saying that you are open to feedback if you intend to just ignore it and continue as before. There may be some small change which would help the employee immensely, that you haven’t thought of.

3. Recognise that your diverse style of team members requires individualised approaches

Everyone is unique, and everyone thrives in different ways. Following on from #2, listen to what your employee needs. Often it is something personal to them which wouldn’t have been considered as part of the group plan.

4. Set clear goals by making sure your employee is aware of what is expected of them.

As with #1 — people are not mind-readers. Without clear goals, and clearly stating what is expected, it is impossible to expect clear outcomes.

5. Let employee know that you recognise and appreciate their improvement

Feeling unappreciated in the work place is one of the main reasons that people leave. A little praise can be the difference between under-performing and excelling.

6. If the employee did not do what you have asked, a written or verbal warning may be required

Once you have been through the first five stages, if there is still no improvement then it may have reached the point where a written or verbal warning is necessary.

7. If you have spent time working with an employee to improve certain habits or attitudes, but show little progress, it may be best to take a final step and part ways

Sometimes, no matter how hard you both try, it just doesn’t work. Accepting that and parting ways could be the only option left.

What else can you do?

Encouraging good health and happiness at work will go a long way to improving performance. No one is at their best when they are sick, tired, hangry or stressed. If people are happy and healthy, they will be at their best.

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