How to make your employees happy at work

When someone says to you ‘company culture’, what do you think of?

Personally, for me it means the way your employees feel at work and the emotions that having a good company culture can bring. Research has found that by building a healthy and happy workforce, and focusing on workplace wellness, can help you to build a long lasting profitable business and by creating that great company culture you’ll be able to keep people productive and help you retain your best employees.

Here is a fun fact for you that I’m sure will get you thinking — Its been said that by increasing an employee’s happiness, in turn you could increase their productivity by up to 12%.

Below, DocHQ looks into how you can help to build your dream workforce and ways to help with their emotional and physical well-being:

Talk to your employees

Believe it or not, employees are not robots and they have feelings too and sometimes these feelings need to be discussed. Opening up the line of communication between you as a manager and your employees will make your team feel more cared for and should ignite the good work ethic that you want and need to help create a successful business, along with helping them to talk through any emotional issues they may be experiencing.

Recognise their efforts

Probably one of the best ways to get the most out of your employees is recognising and rewarding good work. People love to feel valued and to be told they are doing a great job. Now, I’m not saying you need to go out and buy them brand new cars (although, you can if you like!), but, simple things like running award schemes and employee benefit schemes, such as, ‘employee of the month’ or ‘most valued member’, should see a boost in their confidence and productivity.

Are you employees comfortable?

Your employees spend more time at work than they do at home, so ensuring they are working in a comfortable environment is vital. After all, you wouldn’t like to sit at a desk that was too low for you, a chair that has no back to it or use screens that are too high, would you? I’m sure our doctors and nurses here at DocHQ would have a few things to say about the potential issues that could cause to your back and neck. When was the last time you did a risk assessment on your desk? Do any of them have any equipment missing and are all special requirements being met? Making your employees desk space comfortable should mean less roaming around the office avoiding it.

Good old Vitamin C

Something big that is being brought into many offices around the world recently is to provide your employees with free fruit. It’s said to provide them with a boost that will motivate them a little more when their energy levels are down. Fruit is not an expensive freebie to have readily available in the office, but by providing your employees with their daily intake of things such as, Vitamin C should see some profitable hours worked for you, not to mention will allow them to keep healthy by contributing to their 5 a day.

The sound of music

There is a lot to be said about a buzzing, vibrant office — Especially those that have music playing. Music is said to bring out all sorts of emotions when listening to it. It has the ability to transport someone back to a specific time or place in their lives and brings back all sorts of memories, but, it also has the power to motivate people. That’s why they play it at the gym, right? In the hope that it will motivate you to do that last extra mile on the treadmill. By playing the right music, you’ll have happier employees, a buzzing office and faster taping fingers on those keyboards.

There you have it, by using some of these strategies you’ll be able to make your team smile and give your company a boost in productivity!

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