To our Friends, Partners, and Customers,

In these challenging times, our entire team is thinking of you, and your health and safety. Being at the forefront of healthcare, we know you are concerned by the Covid-19 crisis.

DocHQ is committed to supporting health and wellbeing in every situation

To help you, DocHQ has put together a Home Testing Service to support our amazing but overwhelmed NHS and give you the choice of an alternative.

You may want to offer tests to employees who: are key workers, who feel they are experiencing coronavirus symptoms, have recently travelled to a high-risk country or think they may have come into contact with someone who has Covid-19.

Key workers can be assured by a private home test if they have cold symptoms and do not feel they can come into work.

Many key workers will not show any signs of coronavirus but may be carrying the virus, a quick test would allow you to isolate any individuals so that they do not spread infection to the rest of the team. You may also have a team who travels frequently or is spread across a large area, again a test will help to isolate cases and reduce the risk to the rest of the team.

Where testing can help:

  • For people displaying symptoms wanting to establish if they have COVID-19
  • Where a person has encountered a positive COVID-19 case and wants to establish if they have COVID-19 at that point
  • For companies looking to screen staff at different stages of the local outbreak including supporting the safe return to work of staff after any lockdown or self-isolation
  • For companies looking to conduct regular screening of employees allowing them to minimise the spread of COVID-19 within their firm

In case of emergency, our doctors are also offering their time and services for free for the ones in urgent need.

Our Covid-19 home test kits:

Highly accurate – With 99.9% accuracy our Covid-19 PCR test is based on the detection of nucleic material (RNA) within the virus. Detection of viral RNA allows for the detection of an infection at a much earlier stage following exposure. Other test methods may be based on the detection of antibodies that are only produced as a response to the infection and are identified at a much later stage following exposure.

Fast results – The kits can be sent to an address of your choice and the Lab results are available within 2 working days of receiving the sample.

Free Online Consultation – If you do test positive, we can also offer a free online consultation with a GMC registered doctor, offering expert medical advice and support.

Reduce infection – Using a home kit will help to reduce the spread of infection as people are advised by the government to stay at home and keep social distance.

Quick and easy test

The test requires a throat swab to be taken and sent to our accredited UK laboratory (UKAS ISO 15189:2012 standards) for testing. For further information about how to take a throatswab download our file

We are working in partnership with UKAS ISO 15189:2012 standards Laboratory, Nationwide Pathology and CQC Registered Video GP provider GPDQ to provide you with a health choice to protect your workforce.

You can order your kits directly online or contact us to discuss bulk deliveries.

We wish you well in these difficult times.

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