Are you thinking about your next big adventure?

When travel restrictions are relaxed you may want to travel abroad to explore different places and experience different cultures.

We can’t learn everything from a book so experiencing new places can be lifechanging. Is backpacking the holiday for you? You do have to make the effort to be more sociable and interact.

Backpacking gives you the opportunity to travel and see a lot of the world on a budget. You don’t have to create a strict timetable but can live day to day. It could be the adventure and experience of a lifetime where you meet new friends who may be more open minded.

Here is a quick downloadable guide to get you started.

Backpacking helps you understand that you need less things than you think in life, there are good people everywhere and its ok to get lost. You can never see it all but maybe it’s time to make a start and create a plan and have a focus? Perhaps a different holiday is more for you – a city break or a cruise?

Make sure that you look after your health whilst you are travelling. Use the travel vaccination checker to find out what vaccinations you may need before your trip and make sure you are up to date. Malaria or yellow fever may be a consideration. You can even book a clinic nearby online and talk to an experienced travel health clinician to receive all the advice, vaccines and medicines you need for a safe trip.

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