It only takes one single mosquito bite to infect you with malaria and travellers could be at risk of malaria in numerous countries around the world.

What is malaria? Where is it prevalent? What happens to people who get infected? And how can you protect yourself from getting Malaria whilst you are on holiday or travelling to risk areas?

We answer all these questions and more in the handy, fun, downloadable image.

How to protect yourself from Malaria when travelling

There are important steps that will help you stay healthy and well whilst travelling to areas where malaria is a risk. Antimalarials can both prevent and treat malaria so make sure you are well informed before you go.

Visit a travel health clinic to help you assess your malaria risk before you travel, decide what type of antimalarial medication would suit you best and help you understand the dose required.

Book a clinic appointment near you via our Travel Vaccination checker. Entering your destination you can see if malaria could be a risk for you, then by entering in your postcode you can book a nearby clinic appointment online to get further health support. You may find that you also require travel vaccinations for your trip such as yellow fever of rabies jabs depending on where you are going and what you are doing.

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