Stay healthy over Christmas

It is the festive season. It’s ok, don’t worry, I know we are about health and workplace wellness, but I am not about to tell you about the Very Bad Things linked with alcohol and overeating. Just some tips for staying well despite the overindulgence.

Remember, you can stop. You don’t have to clear your plate. The starving children in Africa aren’t starving any more or less than they already were if you leave food on your plate. (I was always very confused as a child as to how my leftovers would get there… would the gravy leak out of the envelope???)

Christmas dinner is probably one of the most vegetable laden meals that many of us get throughout the year, so embrace it. Just remember to stop when you are full rather than at exploding stage.

According to a survey by Masons Yorkshire Gin, the average time to start drinking alcohol in Britain on Christmas day is 11.54am. Londoners start just after 11am.

Again, we are not going to tell you NOT to drink alcohol but mix it up a bit. Have water or a soft drink each time you have an alcoholic drink and balance them out. It will help to keep you hydrated whilst you are drinking and lessen the effects on your body when you stop. Once you have stopped, again, drink plenty of water to help your body get through the hangover. Check out our Instagram for a series on hangover cure myths.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf

Add in “party well”. Make sure that you eat properly before going for a night out. The less you have in your stomach, the faster the alcohol passes through. Eating foods with good fats such as salmon are the best plan before going drinking as the fats help to slow the process even more.

When you want food on the way home — head to the kebab shop. A chicken kebab (especially if you leave out the pitta bread) is a chicken salad. It still has the feel of post-drinking “bad” food but is far better for you.

“The amount of sleep required by the average person is five minutes more.” — Wilson Mizener

We try to cram in as much as possible during the holidays but remember to sleep. An early night will make you feel amazing, and let you carry on the partying for longer.

Increased socialising, and plenty of shared snacks are great for spreading germs about, and it is flu season! Just a little one here… wash your hands.

“Sometimes we need to say no so that we have more time to say yes” — Suzette Hinton

It’s ok to say “no”. You do not have to accept every invitation offered, even if you have no other plans. Sometimes saying “no” and curling up with a book or Netflix is the perfect way to let your body and mind heal themselves.

From all of us here at DocHQ, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. If you are travelling abroad check what travel vaccine you require before your trip. Have fun and stay healthy and happy.

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