You know you want to… just because the word is so ridiculous.

Yes, I know you are sat at your desk reading this. Maybe stand up. Or read it on your phone pacing the office.

Approximately 3.2 MILLION deaths every year can be attributed to physical inactivity. That’s nearly 2% of ALL deaths a year because we don’t move enough! It is never too late to start walking to reap the benefits.

Now, another way to combat this is to exercise whilst you’re at work. Yes, you may get some odd looks to start with, but just tell them to join in too.

Here are some suggestions for you to try:

1. Take the stairs — seems simple enough? If you usually use a lift, then take the stairs. Even just getting out one floor early would help.

2. Desk Jog — You need to take a screen break every so often anyway, so whilst you’re doing that, have a jog on the spot for a minute.

3. Desk Dancing — Like this! Ok, maybe not quite like that, but you know what I mean. Well, get enough people, and you could do it exactly like that! (If you do, please send in a video).

4. Stand up — Yep, just that. Stand up for a bit.

5. Stealthy Squeezes — Those glutes can be being worked all the time you are sat at your desk. Squeeze your buttocks, and hold it for 5–10 seconds. Repeat as much as you like.

6. Leg Raises — While seated, straighten one or both legs and hold in place for five or more seconds. Then lower the leg(s) back to the ground without letting the feet touch the floor. Do it fifteen or so times.

7. Hide that Pencil — Roll back your shoulders until it feels like you could hold a pencil between your shoulder blades. Hold for 5–10 seconds, and repeat another fifteen times.

8. Wall Push ups — You don’t need to get down on the office carpet and do push ups, instead, lean forward and place your palms on the wall, arms straight and parallel to the ground, then bend elbows, bring your body towards the wall, hold it there, and repeat.

9. Chair Fun — Play with that swivel chair!! Sit up straight, raise your feet off the ground, and hold onto the edge of the desk. Then swivel! Swish from side to side working your core muscles.

10. Wall Sit — Stand with your back against the wall, and lower yourself to a seated position (as though you had a chair), hold it for 30 seconds.

Making a few more small changes, such as parking a bit further away, getting your own coffee, or going to talk to someone instead of emailing them will all add up, and help your health and fitness.

Have a look at a few more variations here.

If you’re lucky we’ll make a routine video for you to follow.

Remember to do any exercises safely, and keep your back safe.

As well as starting to increase your activity, think about what you are eating, as it effects your whole body. Making sure you get enough sleep will also improve your energy levels and why not challenge some of your thinking strategies to help build a great mindset and keep focused.


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