You need your body to be in tip-top shape to do the great work you’re meant to do. You need energy and longevity to go about life itself.

Why not take charge of it?

It is comforting to have access to the NHS, who are there with free medical support. But how fast can you access the care you need when you need it, and what choices do you have when taking charge of your own health?

Generally, most health issues are not a medical emergency, but they can be a real worry or hindrance as you go about your daily life such as heyfever or flu. What you need is some immediate medical advice to get the right treatment to improve things quickly.

With the NHS under stress, minor health issues are being pushed further down the list which affects us all with longer waiting times to see a GP. Juggling appointments around hectic work schedule can be problematic.

Private healthcare is an option that can also be provided as a benefit by employers.

In the age of the technological revolution there are many apps that can support our health.

Online symptom checkers are calculators that ask users to input details about their signs and symptoms of sickness. Using computerised algorithms, the self diagnosis tool will then give a range of conditions that might fit the problems a user is experiencing. They can also advice someone whether to seek advice from a healthcare professional and the level of urgency in which to do so.

Here are a selection that will analyse your symptoms and provide guidance as to what to do next:

  • Symptomate is a symptom checker app, that also has chatbot and a voice assistant integration to help with diagnosis. When using the symptom checker you can select body parts and select associated symptoms.
  • DocHQ app has a reliable symptom checker, using plain English with immediate feedback. The report can be emailed to you. The app also allows you to find your nearest walk in health centre, physio, pharmacist and has travel vaccines and discounts.
  • The Ada app is user-friendly, very easy to navigate but you need to create an account. It has a lot of features, but the symptom checker asks for only one symptom, if you could add more the interview time could be shorter. 

Search for these apps in your local app store.

While these self diagnosis tools can certainly be useful for determining whether a trip to hospital is necessary, they can’t yet match the expertise of an experienced health professional. They are an extra tool to help you assess your situation and help you decide on your next steps.

Symptom checkers may also come in handy if you are planning a trip abroad, perhaps backpacking or holidaying with friends. If you are, check that you are also up to date with your vaccinations well in advance of your holiday.

If you decide that a visit to the doctor is required, make sure you use your appointment time wisely. Here are some tips for you.

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