So, you’re a man doing Movember. How do you make your beard or mo as fabulous as it deserves to be?

It isn’t enough to just stop shaving. No, a beard to be worshipped requires love, attention, and nurture.

You wouldn’t get a puppy and expect it to just grow up fine with just food and water would you? Your beard is that puppy. It needs food, water, love, walks… ok, maybe not walks…

Here are 5 easy tips to Beard Magnificence.


Where are you going with that face scrub? You don’t want to dry out your beard, or even worse, exfoliate it. You do need to keep it clean and fresh though.

Shampoo your beard like you would the rest of your hair, mild shampoos are more gentle. Make sure you properly rinse that bad boy though or you might go flaky.


Rock star beard doesn’t have to mean it feels like rock too. Use some conditioner when you wash it too, so that your beard hair feels softer, like the puppy.


That puppy is now all soft and clean, but its fur is a mass of knots. Using a boar hair brush, and/or a beard comb will remove those tangles and make a subtle but huge change to it.


Here is where you can get fancy. Beard oils, balms, and waxes are available to help make your beard and moustache shiny, sleek, smell amazing, or into some awesome shapes.


Now, you can cut your own puppy’s hair, or you can take them to a groomer.

Taking your beard to a professional who knows exactly how to shape it is that final step to make your beard ascend from Magnificent to Godlike. Barbers spend their days looking at beards, and making them do their bidding. Trust them.

There you have it, how to have an amazing puppy. I mean beard.

Remember, a beard, like men’s health problems, can be for life, not just Movember.

Movember supports research into men’s cancers, and men’s mental health. Too many men are dying too young, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Grow your magnificent beard, but at the same time :

Talk. Be honest and open.

Listen. Ask twice about how someone is.

Watch. Check your body for signs of cancers. Check your friends for signs of stress, anxiety or depression.


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