Taking a break has huge benefits for your health. Wheather you are booking flights for a citybreak, joining a cruise ship, or off for a backpacking adventure, airports can be stressful. With an increasing number of airlines trying to charge extra for even the most basic of privileges, you need to have your wits about you to make sure your trip to the airport and your subsequent flights all go according to plan.

So before you head off to your next glamourous holiday destination, take note of these handy travel tips to help you have the best possible time away from the hustle and bustle of the workplace.

Luggage – Know the Rules

You don’t want to encounter any issues before jetting off on your holiday that become a test of your stress management capabilities.

Most of the potential for those stressful airport mishaps to take place stem from your luggage.

60% of British holidaymakers overpack by at least 2.5kg, leading to overweight baggage charges which start at a minimum of £30 for each bag.

Therefore, make sure you know the weight limits before you begin the process of packing. Additionally, make sure to weigh your suitcase(s) ahead of setting off, so you know for sure that you won’t be in for any surprises when you arrive.

Finally, do not pick a generic black bag to use for your belongings.

Make it as unique as possible so no-one can mistakenly take your bag and leave you without any clothes for your holiday! It’s also a good idea to padlock it, to deter any opportunistic thieves.

Pack Smart

With penalties in place for overpacking, you should also be thinking about how to pack smarter.

Start with packing your wardrobe essentials, and then think about how other less fundamental items of clothing can be combined to serve multiple purposes. For instance, pick a pair of shoes that will go with almost any outfit.

Rolling your clothes rather than folding them will help save on suitcase space, and remember to pack your toiletries in your suitcase not your hand luggage, as they are likely to be confiscated otherwise.

Accidents do happen, and bags can go missing (particularly if you have a connecting flight during your journey). Bear this in mind by packing absolute essentials in your hand luggage, so you’re not completely stranded if your hold bag takes a few days extra to arrive at your resort. 

Beat Check-In Queues

You can make the process of catching a flight much smoother by checking in online beforehand.

With most airlines, checking in online gives you the opportunity to print off your boarding pass, meaning you only have to drop your hold luggage at the specified location, rather than face those dreaded queues for the check-in desks.

Once you’ve dropped your bag off you can head straight through security and relax in the bars, restaurants and duty free shops before departing.

Tips for Travelling Solo

If you are travelling alone, there are several actions you can take to increase your safety in and around airports.

Firstly, research your final destination and arrange airport transfers ahead of time. Ideally, stay with a guest house or hotel that can pick you up directly from the airport.

Make sure to keep valuables on you at all times. Correspondingly, keep online copies of credit cards, passports and other important travel documents, so should the worst happen, you aren’t completely stuck. 

If you have time, look through online groups of fellow single travellers, it may be the case that you can band together with a few others who are heading to the same location.

Finally, make sure you have a designated person back home that you check in with at agreed intervals, so people back at home can raise the alarm if you miss several check ins in a row.  


Airports and airlines can sometimes take a little of the fun out of travelling. But by remembering our tips, you will sail through the process and look forward to getting on your flight. Check out our cost saving tips before you book your flight.

Don’t forget to use our travel vaccination checker to make sure you stay healthy on your trip by taking the correct vaccinations. It’s a great way to ensure you are protected against world diseases such as yellow fever or malaria, whilst you’re away on holiday.

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