Whether it’s avoiding sunburn, or protecting yourself against the tricky sickness symptoms associated with infectious diseases picked up abroad, it’s important to stay healthy on your trip so you can enjoy it to the fullest extent.

An estimated 4.4 million British holidaymakers suffered health issues such as sunburn, sunstroke, food poisoning, cuts, grazes and broken bones whilst abroad over the last 3 years. 

Bearing that information in mind, we’ve put together a list of the things you need to be taking care of to make sure you enjoy your holiday.

Protect Your Body Against the Sun

Of course if you are heading aboard this summer it is likely that you will be heading somewhere warm and sunny. You may be backpacking, taking a cruise or perhaps a citybreak with family or friends.

For many of you, it almost goes without saying that you need to lather yourself up with high factor sunscreen to safeguard your skin.

Yet according to research from supermarket chain Asda, an alarming 22% of UK holidaymakers risk burns and skin cancer by smearing cooking oils such as vegetable, olive and coconut oil on their skin in an effort to get a better tan.

Do not make the same mistake, and always look to buy 5* rated UVA sun creams whenever possible.

Another error British tourists make is not applying sunscreen when the weather is hazy, windy or cold. It doesn’t matter if you on hiking on a freezing glacier or it’s blowing a gale at the beach, if the sun is out, it will still burn you if you’re not protected.

Defend Yourself from Infectious Diseases

Whilst it’s impossible to completely eradicate the threat of contracting an infectious disease whilst on holiday, you can take preventative steps to help lessen the risk of falling ill.

14% of those 4.4 million holidaymakers mentioned above fell victim to food poisoning, so it’s important to protect yourself against this threat.

Always wash your hands thoroughly, look for good hygiene practices (e.g. food handled by utensils not hands), pick places that are busy with local diners, make sure food is piping hot, and pay special attention to storage and presentation of meats and dairy products.

But food isn’t the only issue.

Drinking unclean water is another pitfall to watch out for. Make sure to check the seal on your bottled water and avoid ice in draught drinks unless it’s filtered ice (usually delivered by truck). If you’re concerned about a water’s origin, boil it first to kill any germs.  

Finally, there are many infectious diseases that aren’t typically contracted through food or drink.

Therefore, it’s important to get up-to-date vaccinations such as yellow fever or take anti-malarials before you travel to make sure you don’t pick up a nasty disease that’s prevalent in and around your holiday destination.

Look After Your Mental Wellbeing

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health when it comes to going on holiday, as you don’t want to burnout.

Individuals can often forget that perhaps the biggest point of going on holiday, it to relax and enjoy your new surroundings. 

That’s why it’s so crucial to properly unplug from your work environment.

Do not spend your mornings replying to work emails and fielding catch-up calls in the evenings. Take a complete break, leaving you to feel fully refreshed when you come back.

Failure to do so could lead to stress management issues, and tensions with the rest of your travel group, be it your family or your friends.

So use your holiday time to create memories, spend precious time together as a family, and most of all, have fun!


Staying healthy is the best way to guarantee that you can enjoy your holiday as much as possible.

Make sure to pay attention to your mental state just as much as your physical condition, and use our tips to lessen the risk of encountering any health issues during your trip.

Check what travel vaccine you require before your trip. Enter your destination and within seconds you’ll find out what you need and we can always help you find a nearby clinic.

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